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When you first get into , you aren’t thinking about the long term. This was true for me years ago, and many others who try to get into it too.

Most people initially think about simply driving traffic to affiliate links. They most likely launch a pay per click campaign and blast some traffic at it…

Then, they lose money and usually feel overwhelmed or like a failure, and they give up. I’ve seen this pattern so many times it is insane.

The reality is that these people lack the required knowledge to succeed

…They also gave up far too early!

When you are driving paid traffic, you need to have a funnel in place so you specifically break even. (Or profit…)

Most people don’t realize this and burn through money faster than the speed of light.

…Then there’s the people who try free traffic.

They run into two very unfortunate immediate roadblocks.

1. Social media gives you virtually no reach without dishing out cash


2. SEO brings people to blog posts on your website

(and if you try to add your affiliate links to your posts, you drop in search ranking)

This makes people believe that success is impossible when in reality they were missing pieces to the puzzle.

Again, people are missing elements required for success.

You need to have calls to action to opt-in to your email list on your blog.

With a paid traffic funnel, that funnel should start with an opt-in to your list.

If you are paying for clicks, and you don’t have an email opt-in, once those leads are gone…

…They are never coming back!

However, if you capture those leads then you can market to them over and over again for free.

That is the key to creating sustainable profits in the long term.

But back to breaking even.

You need to have products you control in your funnel towards the front end after the opt-in.

It is very hard to track profits when you can’t add your email tracking pixel to sales pages.

This is a code that your email service provider (like Aweber) gives you.

It allows you to track how much you are making and if email subscribers are purchasing.

Your email tracking pixel will show you the average “dollar amount made per subscriber.”

This allows you to track if you are making more or the same amount as you are spending.

(Which you need to be able to do in order to not lose money.)

I know most people are intimidated by creating products.

But think about it.

Almost all the gurus/top affiliates have their own products!

This is not a coincidence! There is a reason why this is the case.

If you want to get the same results the super affiliates have, you have to do what they do.

I know this sounds like common sense, but people seem to forget this all the time.

I’m way over my word count for this email, but my hope is that this gives you some valuable insight.

Stay tuned to my blog as I will publish more posts to help you to improve your online marketing skills

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