My Lead Gen Secret Review – Lead Generation Scam or Legit?

Welcome to My Lead Gen Secret Review!

This company has been getting a lot of buzz over the past few days.

They claim you can get 100 leads a day for $1 is there any truth to this?

Even better if you have one active affiliate you can get 200 leads for $1 a day!!!

Lets take a closer look at My Lead Gen Secret shall we?

My Lead Gen Secret Review

my lead gen secret review

So back on March 5th a friend of mine showed me My Lead Gen Secret and I have to say I was a bit intrigued.

My first question was how can these leads be so cheap.

My second question was even if they were this inexpensive are they any good?

Meaning do they get opens, clicks, and sales?

Bottom line is even if they gave you 1000 leads a day for $1 if they don’t convert you’re just wasting $1 a day.

Usually I’m skeptical but it was so inexpensive didn’t really matter if it was real or not.

Spending $60 dollars to test a new lead source is always worth the risk for me.

my lead gen secret

MyLeadGenSecret – Jim Harmon

The guy speaking on the video (who I didn’t know) seemed to know the industry well.

At least that was my first thoughts.

His name is Jim Harmon who is also the owner of MyLeadGenSecret.

He seemed to know the industry well and it was so little money to get started I signed up to find out more.

So over the past 2 months or so I’ve been testing the platform to see if it’s worth sharing with others.

I’m going to go over the entire platform and give you my exact results.

I’m going to give you the Pros and the Cons.

Then you can make a decision if it’s for you or not.

Cost of My Lead Gen Secret

myleadgensecret signup date

As you can see I got started with My Lead Gen Secret on March 5, 2019 which is a bit over two months ago.

When you first get start you have to pay for the entire first month upfront plus a setup fee of $30.

So it’s going to cost you $60 dollars to get started.

After the first month total cost is $1 per day for 100 leads.

So in short it’s going to cost you $60 bucks to get started and $30 a month after your first month.

There is no contract or anything like that.

You can use the platform as long as you like.

My Lead Gen Secret – First Impression?

After looking around some people promoting MyLeadGenSecret are claiming it’s “the best lead provider on the planet” which is a very bold statement.

Jim Harmon has really good reviews around the internet and people seem to like his platform.

That being said you can look at this a few different ways.

First is that yes the leads are VERY inexpensive which is a good thing.

You can also do all your mailing from their platform.

So no need to download leads to Aweber or Getresponse etc which will make your bill go up.

You can mail direct from your MyLeadGenSecret account and it’s actually very simple (more on this later).

MyLeadGenSecret – Leads

myleadgensecret leads


ll leads are mainly USA with a few Canadian, Brit and Other mixed in.

For example I looked at the most recent batch of 200 leads.

They were as followed:

  • 191 USA
  • 5 Canadian
  • 3 Australian
  • 1 Britain

So they are all basically Top Tier meaning from countries where the majority of people have credit cards and money.

So consider the fact you are getting these leads for .005 cents VERY GOOD!

It’s not uncommon to pay on the low end .60 cents and up to $3 dollars for Top Tier leads.

Also the fact you are given 100 fresh leads on a daily basis is a big plus.

You also have the tools you need to contact these leads and eventually convert them into buyers.

It’s really so inexpensive you’re certainly not going to break the bank.

my lead gen secret

MLGS – Going From 100 to 200 Leads Daily

For the first couple months all I did was test the platform.

After converting three different offers I know it works.

So just a few days ago I signed up my very first person.

my lead gen secret my leads

As you can see every single day My Lead Gen Secret is delivering you at least 100 lead per day.

Notice on May 9th my leads jumped from 100 to 200 per day.

This is because I signed up a paid member.

When you do that the company will give you 200 leads per day for $1 as long as you have one person paying for the service.

That being said this is a no brainer.

I can tell you right now with 100% certainty I will be making much more then $30 with the 6,000 fresh leads per month.

For me this is a TRAFFIC GOLDMINE no doubt about it.

My Lead Gen Secret Statistics

my lead gen secret statistics

These are my own personal results with 100% transparency.

Over the last 10 days mailing with the MyLeadGenSecret platform I had a total of 1241 clicks to open percentage.

Whether you’re a seasoned online marketing pro or brand new I’m sure you can see the power in this.

Spending $30 a month for these open and click rates I mean seriously.

CMON 200 leads a DAY getting all these new people to see your brand, product or whatever it is you are doing online.

This is nothing short of incredible for the price.

In fact I will go as far to say it’s the first time anyone has done anything like this.

Let me as you a question…

Do you honestly believe you can make money online without spending any money?

It’s possible but I’m going to say this right now. It’s going to be very hard and a long grind. You’ll be working your fingers to the bone doing stuff you don’t wanna do.

Personally I believe ANYONE can succeed online and there are lots of different ways to make it happen.

That is why i’m always looking, testing and trying new stuff to make your life easier and make money faster with tools and systems.

Which is why I believe this little gem called My Lead Gen Secret is a big piece to the puzzle.

It’s possible this little email marketing money machine could deliver serious results in the future at a very very low price.

I’m already way into profit and I literally just started building a relationship with these leads.

my lead gen secret

MyLeadGenSecret – Make Money Easy

I don’t want to sound repetitive but the fact you are getting 3,000 fresh business opportunity seeker leads and a browser-based interface to email the leads for $30 bucks a month.

You won’t find that any place else… Period.

These leads are generated by 10 different co-registration advertising partners and distributed at the rate of 100 lead per day.

These are all permission based leads which are available for immediate download and reuse.

Each lead includes date, name, email, IP, city, state, zip, country and lead generation partner.

Remember you only need THREE THINGS to make money online.


  1. Find a HOT SELLING product to promote (really easy)
  2. Find PEOPLE looking to buy that product (easy to hard)
  3. Let THOSE PEOPLE know about your product (easy to hard)

MLGS takes care of two of these things for you.

You just need to find a HOT SELLING product or service that these biz op people are going to buy from you.

My Lead Gen Secret is giving you the leads.

These leads are people who have expressed an interest in making money from home or how to start a business.

MLGS lets you contact these people about your product or service.

So all we need to do is find a HOTT SELLING product in the “make money” or “home business” to test out.

Make Money With MLGS – Method #1

Okay now you are getting at least 100 leads a day how do you actually turn this into MONEY is the question right?

There are a few ways to go about this.

Over time as you get more and more leads you can test more and more offers.

You can promote MLGS itself.

When you log into My Lead Gen Secret click on the affiliates tab at top.

mlgs affilitiates

Scroll down and there is a section with ‘done for you’ emails.

my lead gen secret affiliate emails

You basically just copy and paste the subject line and body and start mailing your leads.

Of course you want to clean them up a bit.

You can ad pictures, screenshots or customize them to your liking.

Listen there is no right or wrong way to do this stuff it’s about TAKING ACTION and seeing what works best.

Marketing is all about testing things out to see what converts.

When you find that ONE THING that people start buying scale it to the moon.

You can literally make a small fortune selling just one product or service. You don’t need to be selling 10 things.

Keep it simple and find that ONE THING that works and you can test more as you go.

Remember you’re getting 100 fresh leads every single day that you can mail over and over.

MLGS has you covered with fresh leads and a way to reach out to them.

My Lead Gen Secret Comp Plan

mlgs compensation plan

mlgs earn bonus leads

As you can see you can earn a nice little income with My Lead Gen Secret.

I personally didn’t get into MLGS for the money I signed up for the TRAFFIC.

When I started showing it to some of my friends they really liked it and it started generating income.

Usually how it works when you have a good product that people need and want.

It sells itself.

Here is a screenshot of someone I work with also promoting MLGS.

myleadgensecret team results

Look how fast his team grew:

mlgs team growth

As you can see there is money to be made with MLGS itself.

Like I said I haven’t really promoted the system I was more interested in getting leads and building my list.

However it can be a great side income no doubt about it.

This particular person is averaging almost $500 a day passive income which is great money.

His team is also duplicating quite nicely which means they like MLGS and they are sharing it with other people.

Another good sign.


Make Money with MLGS – Method #2

Making money with Click bank offers is a great way to utilize MLGS.

Login to your Clickbank account click on Marketplace then the search Icon.

my lead gen secret clickbank

Then Sort The Results By Popularity

myleadgensecret clickbank

You’re probably asking ok so what am I suppose to sell to these leads right?

It’s actually quite simple.

Every product available to sell as a Clickbank affiliate is SORTED from #1 TOP SELLER (Flat Belly for example) all the way down to the worse seller.

To find the best seller to promote with MLGS just scroll down until you find a money making product to promote to your MLGS business opportunity seeker leads.

Here are a few examples I found when scrolling down the list.

mlgs offer 1

my lead gen secret offer 2

myleadgensecret offer 3

I personally used this exact same method and profited over $300 in my very first week.

This is great considering I was only getting 100 leads a day and these are cold leads.

Cold meaning these leads don’t know me yet.

Why would I suggest picking the top offers in Clickbank?

For NO OTHER REASON they are at the top of the seller list.

There is no reason to complicate things and it’s already been proven these products convert into sales.

Once you select a product to sell all you need to do is click the PROMOTE BUTTON and follow the instructions.

You will basically be adding a tracking ID and create a hoplink.

COPY the link they give you and keep it handy.

You will be using this affiliate links when promoting to your My Lead Gen Secret leads.

It’s how you get PAID.

my lead gen secret

Make Money with MLGS – Method #3

It couldn’t get any simpler then this.

If you have a business opportunity you’re currently promoting you can also test it with these leads.

I’m not going to get into it because people are promoting many things.

My Lead Gen Secret – Email Marketing

When you get signed up with MLGS first thing you should do is watch the QUICK START VIDEO then the affiliate program.

When that’s complete it’s time to create a message.

myleadgensecret start

This is an email I sent to 2,700 leads to promote an affiliate offer.

mlgs email i sent

This is how MyLeadGenSecret Email tracked

mlgs stats for email

This one email got me two sales to my own offer and 5 new leads to a separate list.

It also earned me $100 USD which is cool considering I only pay $30 a month for MLGS.

So with that ONE email I’m already in profit for the month.

My Lead Gen Secret Verdict?

It’s only been a couple months with MLGS so I can’t tell you if this is going to make you a million dollars or not. Are you going to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL with these penny leads?

I don’t know.

What I can tell you is this. I have been using these leads for the past 8 weeks or so and I am WAY into profit.

My MLGS list will also be hitting 10,000 really soon which is very cool.

These leads are by no means lighting the world on fire.

Really the only leads I’ve found to do that are leads that come from SEO and blog articles.

But that takes months even years work to see results blogging.

MLGS can literally get you results TODAY not a year from now.

For example my friend Frank (from the pics above) watches the video. He wants more leads so he signs up and starts sharing MLGS with his list. He refers one person now he’s at 200 leads per day.

Then he starts sharing his results on Facebook and BOOM! MASSIVE results six figures with the MLGS platform itself.

$500 a day in just a few short days!

You’re probably saying to yourself well he must have a great list and lots of connections right?

Yes that is true but that’s just my point.

For you to get ROCK STAR results you have to start building your list in order to make BIG BUCKS on demand.

Think about if you took the time to learn these simple skills and one day you could click a button and be making $500 dollars a day PASSIVE in a few short days?

My Lead Gen Secret is just ONE of the ways we make things like this happen.

Will MLGS be the only system we use to build our list and make money in the future?

Absolutely NOT! But for $30 bucks a month for 6,000 fresh leads My Lead Gen Secret is a no brainer so get signed up and take action today.

my lead gen secret

The Reality Is This

Whether you plan on joining My Lead Gen Secret or not it’s completely up to you.

But I want to tell you the reality of building a business online.

If you don’t have steady traffic going to your product or service you’re probably going to fail.

This is why I’m always stressing on my blog and basically wherever I am posting..

If you want to build a long term profitable business you have to generate LEADS and build a LIST.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people struggle because they want to do it their own way which very rarely works.

Yes you can get lucky and sign up a big leader into your MLM or biz opp but your chances of that happening is like winning the lottery.

In most cases LEADERS JOIN LEADERS and they are very particular of who they join.

The question is are you ready to take your business to the next level?

my lead gen secret

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