OLSP System Review – Make Money Online Without Selling

Have you ever seen an online money making system with affiliate marketing and traffic? I have been feeling about the “12-minute affiliate system” and “super affiliate system“, but you need to pay the fee. In this article I will “ system review“, this system also supports you to with affiliate marketing. Especially, it’s free when you sign up. Of course, they don’t just support affiliate marketing, they also support your traffic. The more interesting thing, you will receive affiliate marketing training.

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What is system?

System is a system that allows you to make money online related to affiliate marketing. It was created by Wayne Crowe and the team. The system is currently under development and currently has more than 40,000 participants. You have both been trained in affiliate marketing and taught by Wayne Crowe how to promote products. You can also monetize your affiliate thanks to OLSP SysTem. All free!

How to register a QLSP System id?

In fact, a lot of people get stuck on how to create ids, me too. And I finally solved it.

OLSP affiliate id

After creating the id, you will have a mega link.

Mege Link on OLSP System

So how can I generate id? Prepare an affiliate that you are using, this is the affiliate link.              You can get it from clickbank, warrior anywhere. I’ll give you an example with clickbank

Create OLSP link with clickbank

Back to Link Generation on OLSP System, choose the location where you would like to create the link. There will be 3 options, this is up to you.

Putting affiliate affiliate link to create mega link

OLSP system will provide you with an affiliate link containing their domain name. I take the number at the end of the link and put it in the box OLSP affiliate link. So I have my own mega link.

How does OLSP System works?

OLSP is a system largely supported by the facebook group. Everything Wayne Crowe does thanks to his Facebook Group.

Your first job is to register the system. Please complete the required information.

Register OLSP system

After that, you need to join his facebook group. Once registration is complete, you will be asked to join the group. You will receive support from more than 40,000 members. Isn’t that great! That’s all, now I will analyze a little bit of the main activities of the OLSP system.

Free training on affiliate marketing and how OLSP system works

After successfully joining the facebook group, completing 9 unit is what you need to do. These are the interests and responsibilities of the OLSP participant.

These lessons will be on the Wayne Crowe personal page, you need to see them all to know how to make money for yourself.

Lessons by Wayne Crowe - OLSP system reviews
    • Unit 1: Welcome – How to use the group and the       training!
    • Unit 2: The OLSP system (for Traffic Dominators ONLY!)
    • Unit 3: Free List Building Training
    • Unit 4: Our own traffic products!
    • Unit 5: Warrior + Training, how to sell products on w+
    • Unit 6: Traffic Hacks
    • Unit 7: Advanced List building training
    • Unit 8: One lead system pixel Masterclass
    • Unit 9: (Optional) Attraction Marketing Training

I appreciate this section, it is the orientation for those who do affiliate marketing. While it’s geared towards using the OLSP system, however, with this bunch of free and rewarding lessons, it’s really great. This is also what helped me to trust the system more.

Selling traffic

This is also a major activity of OLSP System, they sell traffic to your landing page. I have not tried it yet, really! Wayne Crowe has stated that his traffic is not from bots, it is all navigated by him. Sources of traffic, generated by sending emails to a list of subscribers interested in your particular niche.

buy traffic on OLSP

I don’t know what these traffic are like. However, a lot of people have sold the products, withdrawing money when they were provided with traffic by Wayne Crowe. You can follow on the group, the posts shared from the participants.

Certifications receive money from OLSP system

Race the top rankings on the OLSP system

It happens every month, you need to accumulate the necessary points within 1 month. There will be rewards for the top leaders.

Race the top rankings on the OLSP system

So how do you earn OLSP points? You have to complete different quests. To increase your score, you need to refer more people to the OLSP system. You will earn 5% commission from them.

how do you earn OLSP points

Please visit TD links on OLSP system, you will see the links that OLSP creates for you. Use them to promote to the outside. You will receive your own commission and your OLSP points will be increased.


Can you make money for free with OLSP System?

As I mentioned above, the OLSP system is completely free. As long as you are in the OLSP rankings, you will receive a reward. It could be money or traffic to your landing page. (Top 1 is $ 1000 and top 10 is 100 clicks)

 Advantages and disadvantages of OLSP System | OLSP System Review

Advantages Disadvantages
Free and useful tutorial course Still new and not yet trusted by many people
Many people have already made money from the OLSP system The instructions are not very close and too reliant on facebook
Free traffic if achieved 100 points and is in the top 10 OLSP The evidence on the product sales page is not too convincing
Strongly supported by the Community with Group Face over 40,000 people
Wayne Crowe’s daily courses, seminars, and livestreams provide continuous support.

The final conclusion for the article “OLSP system review”

In fact, I am also in the process of making money on OLSP system.  Many people have earned good money with OLSP with the many testimonials beoing shared in the facebook group. I have applied a few proven method as taught in the free training, which I applied in promoting some Clickbank affiliate products. Recently, I just received a paycheck from Clickbank. So the methods are working great !

There will be lots of free courses on OLSP, people will and continue to make a lot of money. Hopefully this will be a new windfall with affiliate marketing monetization systems. Do you think OLSP system will pass “12 minute affiliate system” and “super affiliate system“?

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